Professional musician and private flute instructor Susan Lamb offers
a well-rounded approach to proficient and enjoyable flute playing
and performance.

Private flute lessons with Susan will help you reach your goals:

  • Develop fluid technique and mature musical style
  • Prepare for an audition, concert, church or family performance
  • Qualify for advanced band or orchestra
  • Advance your understanding of music principles that you can apply to any music or instrument
  • Gain confidence in your music capabilities, and play with enjoyment
"Susan is a great instructor for my daughter. She provides excellent technical instruction and has nurtured my daughter's passion for the flute. Susan provides a variety of music, and is encouraging, patient and inspirational. I highly recommend her."  - Joanne Lewis

Students of all ages and levels are welcome.

Susan Lamb's students include teens, young and mature adults. She specializes in teaching intermediate and advanced flutists, and accepts beginners who are highly motivated. Flute lessons are adapted to the individual goals and capabilities of the student.

Flute students learn:

  • Beautiful flute tone production
  • Musical expression with rhythm,    
    dynamics, color and vibrato
  • Fluid technique
  • Sight-reading skills
  • Intonation techniques
  • Playing by ear
  • Posture and breathing
  • Transposition
  • Music theory

Using all these techniques taught by Susan in addition to a variety of literature, flute students develop a pleasing and mature musical style.